My Blog – First Post

I really miss blogging. And I really miss writing. A IMG_0076personal blog, that I’ve been delaying for months now.

First, I couldn’t decide on a theme.. Should I make it about health? sports? fashion? Second, I realized people might actually read this. Social media is a persona, a blog is more personal… Scary… so I delayed the release of my blog, and made offers to freelance for sports and fashion magazines to fill the void. Then I realized there is a lot more to me. A lot more than just sports. A lot more I want to share. So why not write whatever the hell I feel like writing about, whenever the hell I feel like writing it…

Am I really willing to write and expose my thoughts? be open for judgement?


I don’t care who reads this and I don’t care if it’s any good. It’s going to be real and it’s going to be raw. I lost myself once upon a time. I need to figure out who I am. And this is where I’d find her.

So here I am. Writing about sports, health, fashion, Buddhism, love, and all the things that make me happy. All the things I LOVE to write about, talk about, and share. Hoping to inspire you and awaken myself; mi alma.

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