Yummy Smoothie for colds :)

I absolutely despise being sick. The achy pain and congestion, the staying at home in bed all day with a mountain of runny-nose tissues…not. for. me.

Today I made this delicious smoothie for my sickly grandpa. Thought I’d share the recipe given the recent flu epidemic that has unavoidably caught up to a lot of my friends 😦


Delicious and Nutritious. Enjoy =]

IMG_5773Smoothie for Immune System Boost

-1 carrot

-2 slices of frozen pineapple (I freeze my fruit to avoid adding ice)

-1 cup of natural orange juice

-a handful of frozen strawberries

-4 sliced bits of ginger (you can substitute the ginger with garlic)

***Adding ginger or garlic to your meals can help alleviate colds symptoms, since both help build a strong immune system. Garlic also posses several antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

*Also, Ginger snaps or other kinds of ginger candy, so so so good! and good for colds 🙂

Live Good. Eat Good. Feel Good.

And Stay Healthy!

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