20 somethings

Had a profound conversation last night with one of my closest friends which inspired this post. She has everything a girl could ever hope for at 24–a great steady career, her own apartment, her own car… but, no boyfriend. As she asked me over and over “what is wrong with me?” My first reaction was to think of something sarcastic to say. However, as mean and as brutally honest as I am with my friends, in reality NOTHING is wrong with her. She is perfect. Gorgeous (legit looks like a model), with an amazing smile, kind heart, and great personality. And then I couldn’t help but think, well if she can’t get a boyfriend there sure is no hope for me.

We blabbed on and on about how some of our friends were already married and having kids. “I swear if I see one more engaged status, or ultrasound photo”. And with the thought of not wanting to get left behind, it can be discouraging to see fellow colleagues’ relationship or career statuses on social media…. we start to want what they have.


You probably thought, like I did, that once you graduated college you would have your life all figured out. That somehow that diploma would magically guide you, and life would come full circle. For some that’s true, but for others, the drastic change just makes life more complicated.

You are now officially an adult but aren’t living life like one… where’s my full-time job, my husband, my house with the white-picket fence?? Ha.


I am more responsible financially (sort of), I cook for myself (most days), and wear big girl clothes now! (to work) 🙂 …. I do love the fact that I am growing and maturing into this adult, but LIFE doesn’t happen overnight. Some of my friends are still in school, some are engaged, and some already have the husband the kids and white-picket fence… Although we are around the same age, we are all at different points in our lives. My life may be going in a different direction but I must embrace it, and embrace my individual growth.

It’s not fair for you to live your life off of somebody else’s timeline….

Build your own resume of memories. Test things out, fail and succeed. Too often people forget that the 20s is the ideal decade for trial and error.

 So STOP. Stop with the worrying, stressing, depressing statuses of circumstances that haven’t even happened yet!! Don’t put set dates on your career or marriage, you’ll be much happier living life and having an open mind. Each chapter in your life comes with new challenges (and God knows I could not handle having a boyfriend right now), when the time is right, it will come. Experience life and keep E V O L V I N G. Embrace it. Embrace becoming an adult. Empower yourself, motivate yourself. Love yourself and become your #1 obsession. Everything we really want will come in due time. Live life at your own pace and you’ll see how much happier you’ll be….

Seems like I’m on a roll here…..but since football is on, and it took me almost the entire day to write this…. I’ll can take a rain check on the rest of this conversation….


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