The #DreamMix by JasFly

Feeling a bit under the weather, but had to log on and share this awesome mixtape with you!!!


Writer/media personality @JasFly dropped this piece of inspiration for everyone out there pushing to accomplish their goals. As a college graduate on the pursuit to finding herself and her purpose, I found this mix to be..  JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR <3.

The mix is meant to inspire, and includes my favorite rap song “Juicy” by Biggie and my favorite gospel song “My Life is in His Hands” by Kirk Franklin. It also has some powerful speech inserts (advise you to listen to these especially), and support from your favorite celebs (Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Common, Source Magazine Editor Kim Osorio, etc.) who hand-picked songs that helped them along their career/ life journey. I’ll admit as I listened to it, I got a little teary-eyed.

* I try to embed it and it didn’t work. But click on the link below and have a listen *

From the Vibe.Com interview….

What is The #DREAMmix?
Jasfly: Remember when you used to listen to the radio to record your favorite songs to cassette tape? Well the #DREAMmix is an homage to that.

Where did it come from?
Jasfly: I think it was Chuck Creekmur who posted a quote, “Learn what inspires those that inspire you.” And that really stuck with me. I make playlists to meditate to, and I was in my house one afternoon when the idea came, ‘I wonder what other people listen to when they need inspiration.’

And so I began finding out.


My advice to you is to make your own inspiration mix, and keep it in rotation! Block out the discouragement. Use the power of music to motivate yourself and stay positive.

Later on this week, I’ll give you a playlist and share with you songs that inspire me.



PS. Make sure you also follow @JasFly on twitter, she’s awesome!


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