Heal your Heart

Another night up past midnight on social media, another bitter tweet, facebook status, instagram post, I see about an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Social media has taught me that there are people out there… that are happy in their misery. These types of people stay in unhealthy situations because they like the attention they receive as a result. They like that fact that people feel sorry for them. They love being the victim. Sometimes receiving victim-type of attention.. is more important than their own happiness. If you’re still angry with an ex from a while ago, or badmouthing people who did you wrong — do yourself and those around you a favor…STOP. The anger is unhealthy to hold on to. It also makes you miserable to be around. Bitterness is fine to feel for the recently dumped or hurt — but in time you must forgive.. or forget… whichever you choose… stick with it.

Anger is natural and we must nurture it and take care of it as we would an open wound. My anger goes as fast as it comes. The worst mistake I’ve ever done was convincing myself I was over a situation when I wasn’t. Too often do we hurt so bad that we jump into the next person’s arms (or the same person’s arms), thinking he or she will fill the void. If you were devastated after a break up then the new person breaks your heart…you will feel double the pain. I know because I’ve experienced it first hand. You will feel the pain of both heartaches at once because you never gave your heart time to heal from the first one. Just like the numerous concussions I had in high school, where I pretended I was fine so I can come back in the game. When in fact, NO, I was not okay. None of my injuries healed overnight, and neither will a broken heart. So give your heart love and attention. Talk to your friends, to your family, to someone you can trust. Or like me–write–write it all down in a journal, not for everyone to see. Rant on blank pages. Emotionally I rather write, because when I speak with such emotion the words never seem to come out right.

So find a way to heal yourself and love yourself, before you are ready to heal and love someone else. The beauty of love comes in healing.

Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from peace and happiness. But if you are feeling pain…. less tweeting and more healing. Don’t let your audience keep you on a stage that’s caving in. People will pay to watch you fall.

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