I need a healer (poem by me)

I need a healer

How can such a beautiful thing cause so much pain,

And cause you to go insane.

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone,

But maybe that’s a good thing.

And you sleep alone at night. Holding your pillow tight.

Waiting on that moment to feel,


I need a lover?


Then you feel like love wasn’t made for you because you haven’t a clue on how to love,

The person by your side, or

How to satisfy,

The needs that go beyond the “I love yous” in the sheets.

Waiting on the moment to be.


I need a believer.


The pain has no end,

If you’ve loved once, you’’ll love again.

Until you find that person willing,

To see you differently,

To love you differently,

But the same.

The same love as your mother, your father, your sister or brother.

Not perfect but worth it.

And then your heart will beat at peace.

I need a healer.

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