Epeolatry: The Worship Of Words


We are all friends of a friend, of a friend. We didn’t all know each other but we often wrote, blogged, tweeted–about love, about women, about society’s lack of understanding of love, about society’s lack of understanding of women, about the beauty of love, about the beauty of being women. We loved ourselves, we loved our successes, we loved our joys, we loved our failures, we loved our heartbreaks, and we wanted other women to know that it is okay to feel the same way.

Women are biologically built this way. For a reason. I didn’t know that reason until now.

It was as if the universe brought us together. Law of attraction. 7 local women in their 20s from New York City started a creative blog to empower women. Poems, short stories, art, photography, and more. Love, Strength, and Understanding. I am so happy and proud to know these women and to be apart of #themovement. I am overwhelmed with joy from the feedback we’ve received.

I do not have a tumblr but follow, share, read on a daily, I hope you’ll join us in this positive movement. We are just getting started! http://epeolatrycollective.tumblr.com/


We are women who fall in love with the world everyday. We are women who channel our emotions into our creative outlets. Though some of us are still in hiding, we are painters, we are photographers, we are writers, we are musicians, but most of all, we are women who want to do nothing but empower one another.

Thinking back, I started this because I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of talented women I know, women who sometimes don’t know how inspirational they are. I see myself in all these women, and I feel them on multiple levels because our pain and our love is universal. We inspire one another to create, and to love. I can only hope that these women and myself move you as much as they have moved me and continue to move me every day. I hope you follow us on this journey. I love you all, already.

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