Live. Life. Phoneless.

I think the coolest thing one of my friends has ever done is live life phoneless. He chose to  spend a couple of months without his phone to enjoy life more, and I was the one who enjoyed life more just being around him. I looked forward to seeing him and although it was inconvenient to reach each other at times, the moments I shared with him were intimate and special. It was then that I felt closest to him. Our connection grew stronger, because when we hung out he was giving me his full companionship, and I returned the favor. I did not feel the need to pull out my phone to text or even check the time, instead I enjoyed every second together.

Our friendship blossomed, and when I saw this video I thought about him. Thought about the time we sat in silence in Central Park, just enjoying being around eachother. Looking around at my surroundings, interacting with strangers, –my hand was free of my phone, and my mind was free of worries. I thought about how much I made fun of him for not having a phone, but this video gave me a glimpse of what it might have felt like to be phoneless, I’m sure he was the one making fun of all of us for missing out on life and being so attached to an electronic device.

“I Forgot My Phone”

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