Stupid Things New Yorkers Hear When Traveling Abroad

“Where are you from?”

I’m lucky to be from a city that is known internationally. New York City is a symbol of freedom, a dream city for many people living outside of the United States. It’s also a dream city for a lot of people living in the United States.

I’ve traveled quite a bit and I never get asked much about NYC, most people have been to New York, or at least seen it in movies, and have their own fantasy idea of what it’s like. But now that I’m making good friends in Europe, I’ve gotten pretty memorable questions asked. I don’t judge. But I thought I would share with my fellow New Yorkers.


1. “Is Times Square a square?”

More like a  polygon.


2. “Do you live near Central Park or Soho?”

Neither i’m too poor.

3. “Is it like Sex & the City, that’s my favorite show here in Spain “



4. “Do you go out and party every night?”

Do you go out and party every night? I have responsibilities like any other responsible adult. But partying is fun…..


5. “Is New York City really expensive?  

Yes. No funny comment here, just Yes. It’s expensive to live there.

6. “Your apartment is really small though, right?” 

You’re hurting my feelings now.

7. “Do people speak Spanish in New York City?”

My grandma only speaks Spanish and has been living in NYC for over 20 years with no problem. So yes some people ONLY speak Spanish and get by.

8. “Why is everyone always in a rush?”

LOL I honestly don’t know.


9. “New Yorkers seem so hipster, so cool, so different.”

If by different you mean some people are pretty weird. Then yes.


10. “It must be easy to meet people, there are so many people!”

Yea except I walk everywhere with my headphones on and avoid eye contact at all costs. But other than that, we’re friendly.


And the most asked question (I get this everywhere I go): 

11. “Do you like New York City or Barcelona/Rome/ etc/ better?”

 I love both. I love any place with good food.


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