7 Fun Books to Give As Gifts

1. The Nice Handbook by Ruth Peterson. For that friend who needs to be nicer but just doesn’t know how or where to start. This book gives tips with good deeds and little ways you can make a difference everyday.


2. The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford. For a friend (or roommate) who always seems to find the kitchen and turns into a chef when they’re drunk. This book may help them not burn down your kitchen.


3. Finish This Book by Keri Smith. For the writers (or aspiring writers) this book includes fun writing exercises and fill in the blanks to get creative juices flowing. Unknown-2

4. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. Another book by the same author as above. For creatives. This book is filled with engaging excercises—posting pictures, drawing, writing, ripping pages. Great way to get in the creative mood. (This can be a good gift to self). This book is also available in Spanish. Unknown-3

5. The Little Book of Yoga by Norah Isaacs. I have a lot of friends who want to get into yoga but the yoga mat that I gave them from Christmas last year is collecting dust (hey mom that one was about you). This book explains each yoga position clearly with diagrams, it even explains how to meditate correctly, so they won’t feel too lost or intimidated next time they step into yoga class.Unknown-4

6. Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle. For your friend who loves tequila and appreciates literary humor (hey roomie). This book features drink recipes paired with witty commentary on history’s most beloved novels—the book also includes food recipes, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations. Let your friends be drunk AND fancy.


7. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook by Allison Arevalo. A book with recipes that includes my favorite food, mac & cheese?! YES PLEASE. Well, it doesn’t have to be mac & cheese, but a cookbook filled with recipes about the person’s favorite food is always a good idea! Happy stomach, happy life.


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