#CurlyHairTalk: How to Style Your Curly Hair in the Winter ❄️

What Does Winter Do to Your Hair?

-Winter weather is harsh on your hair. The cold air dries it out from its natural oils.

-It also dries out your scalp; you suffer from itchy dry scalp more in the winter.

-Dry hair = more split ends.

-Shedding: Cold air dries hair out from all its moisture, so your hair breaks easily and you tend to shed more.

*On the bright side, there’s little to no humidity in the winter, so your curly hair can still be great.*


Solution: The L.O.C. method helps keep your hair moisturized during the harsh winter weather. I found this method on naturallycurly.com and I’ve been doing it all winter on my curly hair and I can say that it actually works!

L = Leave-in Conditioner

O = Oil

C = Cream

You can do this method after washing your hair or when refreshing your dry hair make sure you spray it with water to damp your hair a bit.


Step 1: Apply leave-in conditioner. My favorite leave-ins are Kinky Curly Knot Today or Jane Carter’s revitalizing leave-in conditioner. Jane Carter’s leave-in is also great for refreshing curls. The spray leave-in’s are also good if you fine hair, it won’t weigh your hair down.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of a sealing oil. Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, work well because they actually penetrate the shaft of the hair and not sit on top coating the hair. Coconut is my favorite. I apply a bit of Jamaican black castor oil to seal my ends.

Step 3: Apply a moisturizing cream. Creams work best in the winter because they moisturize curls best. Cantu products are my favorite because they smell amazing, provide good hold and moisture, and define my curls well.

Step 4: It’s optional to apply another styling product. But steps 1 -3 do the trick for me.

Feel free to play with this method. I go very light on the leave-in and oil for my hair and skip step 4 completely. But some hair types may need all 4 steps.

.Did You Know? You can also use a similar method on your skin?! The best way to keep soft skin in the winter for me: 1. Apply coconut oil on my body before applying my lotion. 2. Apply jojoba oil on my face before applying my face moisturizer.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.49.34 PM


Other Winter Healthy Hair Tips


-It’s recommended to do protective styles in the winter to prevent breakage in the winter, such as braids, twists, up do’s that have your ends protected from rubbing against clothes or anything that can cause breakage.

– Don’t go outside with wet hair. Make sure your hair is at least 90% dry.

-Stylish hats, hoodies, the hood of your coat, scarves around the head, always have something to cover your head when the temperature is too cold.

-Wash your hair in the evening to give your hair enough time to dry.

– When home: silk scarf or silk bonnet. Best way to seal moisture while you sleep: silk pillowcases!

-At the end of the day, curly hair needs moisture !!! Here are some tips from Essence Magazine that where helpful for me: “The Worst Ways to Moisturize Transitioning Hair”.




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