#GoNatural: Skin Care Routine: Sharing Chemical-free Products for Your Face

Do you ever become anxious just browsing the face cleansers’ aisle at Target? Or spend time looking for the perfect face cleanser with the same desperation as teenagers who just experienced their first breakout?

Skin care can be complicated.

giphy I never suffered from acne, but I would have the occasional bad breakout (especially during that time of the month). I also noticed my face sometimes would be dry after washing with a harsh cleanser or would just look dull without makeup. I wanted that glow without makeup. The glow I thought only existed with my Instagram filter can actually be achieved in a natural way. After some research I found that most of those commercial cleansers are actually really bad for your skin, the harsh chemicals strip your face completely from its natural oils. That’s when I started implemented natural products (with less or no chemicals) on my skin and I’m seeing a huge difference. More importantly, I love how my face looks without makeup! The fewer toxins on your face the better, and it’s good to take a few days with no makeup to really let your skin breathe. So before the wrinkles hit full force, take good care of your skin!

I’ll share some of my favorite natural skin care products:

 1. Jojoba Oil

IMG_3758 Jojoba oil is my bedtime buddy. I use jojoba oil as a cleanser/ makeup remover. Jojoba oil is the most similar to the natural oil that our body produces. It does not clog pores but opens them up and gently cleanses them. I use a dime size amount of oil all over my face and rub in circular motions (I spend more time on my eyes if I have mascara and eyeliner and all that good stuff). Then I rinse with warm water (more hot than cold, but not hot enough to burn my pretty face off). Then I dab my face dry with a clean washcloth. It’s important to use separate washcloths for your face to avoids breakouts!

2. Chamomile oil/olive oil combo (also pictured above)

This is another badass makeup remover! I use it when I have lots and lots of makeup because it melts everything away quicker, however I spend more time washing the oil off my face. You might have heard of this routine as “Oil cleansing”. People are skeptical when using oil to clean there face, but the oil pulls all the junk off your face without making it dry. I have semi-oily skin but this method actually makes my face less oily as the day goes by.


A great alternative to oil cleansing is a gentle cream cleanser that won’t strip your face of its natural oils and won’t dry out your face. I usually pack Neutrogena’s new natural line; I use their cream cleanser/makeup remover as my cleanser while I’m on the go traveling or put it in my bag to remove my day makeup before the gym. It has a ton of natural oils and removes all my makeup off without drying out my skin. (FYI: I tried the entire line and the cream cleanser/makeup remover was the only product that worked for me).

3. Witch Hazel


After oil cleansing, I use an alcohol- free witch hazel with rose water and aloe as a toner. It removes any extra dirt, closes my pores and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I go alcohol-free because alcohol dries out my skin a lot. The next step is a small drop of jojoba oil as my night serum. When I wake up the next day my face does not need to be cleansed again, I just wash it with warm water, use the witch hazel toner again to close my pores and use a SPF moisturizer. IMG_3760

4. SPF Moisturizer

I’ve sworn by Aveeno SPF 15 face moisturizer since 2005. I wear it all year round. I just use one pump each time and the bottle lasts me a long time. For the sun-blazing summer days I use a SPF 30 lightweight moisturizer called Healthy Defense by Neutrogena. SPF is so important for skin health!!!


For Deep Cleansing:

4. Indian Healing Clay


You can mix it with organic activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, or simply water to make a deep cleansing mask. It clears blackheads, acne, and blemishes, basically magic in a jar.

Other recommendations

I asked my friends on social media for their favorite natural skincare products and I wanted to share a few responses.

Oil cleansing: Other suggested oils were Sesame oil, Almond oil, Grape seed oil, Pure Organic Argan oil.  

African Black Soap: Great for face and body. Helps treat acne.

Apple Cider vinegar: Helps treat acne.

Coconut-based activated charcoal: For facemasks, as a teeth cleanser, to wash your fruits and veggies, there are a hundred and one ways to use activated charcoal.

Coconut Oil: For you skin, hair, food, and teeth, there are a billion and one ways to use coconut oil. I use coconut oil for a technique called “oil pulling”. I swish coconut oil in my mouth for about 10-20 minutes before I brush my teeth to whiten teeth and improve oral health. This is part of my bedtime routine.

Aluminum-free deodorant: Warning I’ve tried many different deodorants, not all work, but Lavilin (pictured below) seems to work the best and has gotten great reviews online. The only thing is that you will have to reapply a few times during the day to keep the funk at bay. Still, it does a great job keeping you fresh!


I think it’s important to invest on the health of your skin. There are many natural products out there. Spend time browsing Whole Foods beauty aisle. (Then go to Amazon for a cheaper price). Your skin deserves it. You deserve it!


For your entertainment, here are pictures of me with the Aztec healing clay mask, it cleans out my face completely without drying it… nature’s magic! ✨ IMG_3821 IMG_3823 Feel free to share more of your favorite natural skin products with me. I will keep updating this post!

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