#DIY: Learn How To Make Coconut Milk!

My mom is a “Do It Yourself” guru. She showed me how to make fresh coconut milk, and it honestly tastes better than any other watered-down coconut milk I’ve purchased in stores. It’s also cheaper!

We made a ton of coconut milk because we met a fruit vendor who was willing to give us 10 coconuts for one dollar! Thank you New York City and the power of negotiating bargains. Either way coconuts are pretty cheap, and one coconut makes a lot of milk! I documented my mom teaching me step by step with my camera, so there are a ton of pictures for an easy “how-to”! So follow the steps below and go make some yummy creamy coconut milk!!!!!


What you need:

A coconut


A blender

A bowl

(Agave or vanilla extract if you wish to sweeten)

Container or jug to store the milk in the refrigerator (Glass container recommended for longer shelf life)


DIY: Coconut Milk

Step 1: Take a knife and poke open the three holes in the coconut.



Step 2: Pour out the coconut water into a glass. (Save the water for later).


Step 3: Hit the coconut right in the middle with a hammer or meat tenderizer. It will crack open pretty easily.



Step 4: Pieces of coconut will start to break apart. For the big chunks, slice them into smaller chunks, small enough so it can blend nicely.


Step 5: Add the coconut pieces and the coconut water into a blender. (If you drank the coconut water like we did because we couldn’t help ourselves, you can use water to blend).


Step 6: Blend. A puree and what is now coconut milk will form.


Step 7: Drain out separating the pulp and the milk.




Then you’re done! Yum yum fresh natural coconut milk!



Step 8: (optional): For creamier milk you can blend any extra coconut pieces with the first batch of coconut milk. Repeating steps 5-7.


Creamier coconut milk! Yum! Yum!


Step 9: (optional): Add vanilla or other sweeter and stir for sweetness coconut milk.

Step 10: Store it in a bottle or container and refrgirate.


Coconut Milk Uses:

-Smoothies and protein shakes. My favorite green smoothie is coconut milk, pineapple, kale and a banana. Tastes like a green piña colada!

-Baking, cooking.

-Body or face rinse: Pour over your body in the shower. It softens your skin.

-Body exfoliating scrub: Brown or organic sugar, milk, a few drops of lavender essential oil.

-Face exfoliating scrub: Brown or organic sugar, honey, coconut milk, two drops of lavender essential oil. Softens skin and gives you a nice glow.


2 thoughts on “#DIY: Learn How To Make Coconut Milk!”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this.
    DIY’s are much better than bought-in-a-store jars. You are always sure what’s inside the container as you made it yourself 🙂


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