Asking the Question: “What Is My Purpose in Life?” + Giveaway

Six months ago, a friend from California sent me a Purpose key. She told me that someone gave it to her because she was searching for her purpose, but now she has found it she decided to pass it on to me, and suggested that once I’ve found my purpose I should pass it on to someone else.

I pinned the “purpose key” to my vision board, along with my goals, and didn’t think about it again.

Until today…

I recently glanced over at my vision board, saw the key, and knew that after numerous times asking myself, “what is my purpose in life?”, I finally knew. I finally knew the answer to that infamous question.

I had found my purpose a while ago, without even realizing it.



Every person I’ve talked to who has found their purpose has usually found it to be a “duh” or “aha” moment.

I read inspirational books. I spend lazy Sundays binge-watching Ted Talks. I also follow people like Deepak Chopra and Oprah on Twitter. All has helped guide me, but none have helped me answer the question “What is my purpose in life?”. Ultimately it was me who had to open my eyes to what my purpose was. I had a hard time finding my purpose because it’s not something that you go out and look for in a book or YouTube video, it’s something that you pray/ask/meditate for, and it finds you.

Because one’s PURPOSE is: 1. Simple and natural (nothing they had to learn how to do) 2. Tied to something greater than yourself (like helping others, standing for a cause, or sharing your talent in order to serve God, serve others, better the world.) 



Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s purpose is different. Yet on your journey to find your purpose remember these three things.

  1. No need to look anywhere else, just inside self. You were born with your purpose, it is already in you, you just have to discover it.
  2. Let God guide you. I know I’m speaking on a very spiritual level. Yet if you’re asking yourself questions like “What is My Purpose in Life?” you’re probably a more spiritual person than you think. That is a deep question. And it requires us to go deep within ourselves to look for the answer. Yes God helped me find my purpose and God is the only one who can help you find yours. Like an inventor who is the only one who really knows how his “invention” works and why it was created. God created you, and it was no accident, He created you for a purpose.
  3.  The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment. I used to tie it to selfish motives. I used to ask self-centered questions like “What are MY goals, MY dreams, MY wants?” Your purpose always involves something bigger than you. It’s not about you.

Because when you ask “what is my purpose in life?” what you are really asking is “what can I do with my time on earth that is important?” 



Have you ever heard someone say they’re living a “purposeless” life? It usually means they’re feeling down and worthless. Knowing your purpose gives your life meaning. Knowing your purpose simplifies your life, you realize life was never complicated, everything happened to bring you to this moment. Knowing your purpose focuses your life so you won’t get distracted by minor issues. Knowing your purpose motivates your life.

It gives you a sense of peace and fulfillment.  It makes you stronger. It also helps build a relationship with God (which to me has been the most rewarding part!).


P.S. Almost everything pinned on my vision board has come true and I’m eight months into 2015. So I think this key can definitely help you! I WANT TO GIVE AWAY MY PURPOSE KEY! So comment to be entered to win and let me know if you feel like you may need it. I would love to send it to a reader! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Asking the Question: “What Is My Purpose in Life?” + Giveaway”

  1. I will say Ms. Abreu I have been your biggest FAN for a very long time. Your word’s have alway’s been heard but only in the recent year and a half even tho we do not talk every day nor every week, have I LISTENED. You have alway’s believed we were born for something more then our surroundings wanted us to see or believe. I’ve always seen this with you even us as kid’s. I use to want to be like someone I’ve told you who before, truth is it’s alway’s been you I look upto(not just because your slightly taller then me, slightly) you Jay. You’ve always spoke to me about better the next step the progression, till this day I hear you’re voice in the back of my head always guiding me. Presently you’re words still motivate me more now then ever, I may not hear them but I can read you mentality in deep thoughts. I enjoy it Jess,it’s late I’m going to sleep. Love you Jay.


  2. It’s an amazing thing finding your purpose. Keep at it! I hope you found someone to give that key to. What a neat little idea 🙂 Good luck on the remainder of your journey! Ps. Sounds like you’ve got a great brother up there 🙂


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