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I started this blog as a way to fill a void.

I was a fresh college graduate who moved back to New York City to pursue her dreams. (Sound familiar?)

Everyone comes to New York City to pursue their dreams, the only problem was… I was not 100% sure what my dreams were. Striving to be a straight A student was always my purpose. I was a student. I was an athlete. And after graduation I was none of the above, so I was lost. I’m a person that runs on passion, and for once I did not know how to move forward. I felt like a car stuck in mud. The wheels were turning but I was not moving forward. The intoxicating smoke from the tires built and I was suffocating.

I was living a toxic life.

I was going back and forth in a toxic relationship with a guy who didn’t value my worth. And instead of taking my anger out on him I pretended I was fine and took my anger out on other people and began building toxic relationships with the people around me.

In desperate need to make things right and feel whole, I started reading books and blogs trying to find a purpose, success, love—a wholehearted life. I thought I would have it all figured out after four years of college but I was more confused, and although I graduated with honors from my university I did not feel ready for the real world. Life is crazy. Books became my sanity and life began to make sense. It all clicked for me.


Fast forward two years…

and I love this imperfect journey that I’m on. I’m in grad school, I work, I have awesome opportunities lined up all because I changed my attitude. I wake up every morning grateful for being me. I sit on the train on my way to work grateful that I have a job. Grateful for the people in my life. I learned to balance ambition and gratefulness. I am not where I see myself yet, but I wake up happy every morning… (even on Mondays!)

The world inspired me. The things I read, the people I met, the things I saw…

inspired me.

I found happiness in having big dreams and small dreams; accomplishing my small dreams built my confidence for my bigger ones. I found happiness in thanking God for every little good thing that happened to me throughout the day (yes! I caught that 8:15 AM train thank you Lord you’re the best! or yes I got to pay my bills this month!) I found happiness in laughing, in loving my family, in reading and in writing. I felt more and more whole. I spent a lot of time alone, digging into things I enjoyed doing, trying new things alone. I realized that I was in a relationship.. with myself. I gave myself what other people could not give me—love, dreams, smiles, fulfillment. I fell in love with this imperfect version of me realizing that although I saw myself as a superwoman–super mom, super professional, super wife– I did not need to rush to get there because eventually I will get there. “I am enough. I am the total package. I will be successful”. And now when I’m around others I can’t help but see how beautiful their potential is.

The things that has happened in my life I called into existence. Everything I’m going through, is preparing me for the life that I want.

I lost myself once upon a time. And this is where I will find me. In this blog, and I will share with you my growth, my vulnerabilities, and the influential people I come across, in hopes that this will also  help YOU enhance your relationship with YOU.

One lesson I’ve learned through my journey is that it only takes one believer. As long as you believe in yourself and see the vision, no one can stop you.

So the purpose of this blog is to help us all dig deep and be happy so that nothing can stop us from the life we truly want. Learn to be happy right now because that is the key to a successful life.

I write hoping to inspire you and awaken myself; mi alma.

Thank you for joining the ride.



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